President takes note of Agriculture Minister’s annual activity report – Press releases – Updates



During a working meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia, Minister of Agriculture Ignati Arakelyan reported back the results of the programs implemented in 2017, The Minister also reported on the status of the ongoing and envisaged programs in 2018, as well as on the implementation President’s instructions.

Ignati Arakelyan advised that the State subsidy policy in the agricultural sector was revised in 2017, and farmers are now assisted with the introduction of modern technologies, thanks to which it is expected to have more profitable, productive and attractive agriculture. The Minister noted that a number of new programs of State support were launched in 2017, the results of which are already noticeable for beneficiaries.

Ignati Arakelyan also reported that in compliance with the presidential instruction, efforts have been exerted to promote the export of agricultural products. The Minister pointed to the positive dynamics in agriculture, with about a 28% rise in canned products, 37% – in brandy and over a 48% increase in wine production. In order to step up income and productivity, a number of programs have been worked out and implemented based on the President’s instruction of May 24, 2017.

According to the Minister, pilot programs were initiated in 2017 aimed at partial subsidization of interest rates for the lease of farm machinery. Subsidized interest rates are now offered to farmers with more favorable terms. State support programs are being implemented with a view to subsidizing interest rates for introduction of hail-proof networks, drip irrigation systems and intensive orchards.

In order to ensure the sector’s overall development, the President of Armenia highlighted the need for introducing an insurance system, the launch of which is planned for the current year.

Minister Arakelyan assured that the list of inputs and agricultural equipment provided under leasing program will be enlarged in 2018. The commissioning of machinery parks is underway at this point of time. The Minister reported that this year the Ministry of Agriculture’s State support programs will be aimed at developing the livestock sector through the launch of new breeding farms. As Ignati Arakelyan noted, steps will be taken to develop fodder production. He advised that the Ministry is currently working on Armenia’s agricultural development strategy.